Efeito de dietas lipidicas sobre a AT Pase mitocondrial e a composição de acidos graxos de lipideos do soro e de mitocondrias hepaticas e encefalicas de ratos normais e tirecidectomizados

by Araujo Mello, Romario de

Abstract (Summary)
?Lipid dierary effect on mitochondrial AT Pase and fatty acid composition of lipids of serum and liver and brain mitochondria of normal and thyroidectomized rats?. Normal and thyroidectomized Sprangue ? Dawley male rats of 37 days old, were fed three different lipid diets during 30 days. Two diets contained soybeam seed oil. Rich in n-6 polyunsaturatede (PUFA), but differente concentrations, one of 12% other 20%. The third diet contained 12% of sardine (sea fish) oil, rich in n-3 PUFA. Thyroidectomized rats had lesser gain of body, liver and brain weight and food ingestion. Normal animals had thyroid activity alterated in fuction of lipid diets. Sardine oil group shown different T3 and T4 serum leves, but similar I131 uptake in comparison to 12% soybeam oil group. Howrever 12% soybean oil group shown different T3 and T4 seryn levels and I131 uptake in comparison to 20% soybeam oil group. The thyroidectomia affected the fatty acid (FA) contents of serum lipids in function of lipid diet. Thyroidectomized animals had similar saturated FA (SFA) content in 12% soybeam oil group, but higher in 20% soybeam oil and 12% sardine oil groups , in comparison to respective controls animals... Note: The complete abstract is available with the full electronic digital thesis or dissertations
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Advisor:Quivo S. Tahin; Quivo S. Tahin

School:Universidade Estadual de Campinas

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:03/24/0086

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