Efecto del ayuno en carpa, Cyprinus carpio L., en función de la madurez sexual: movilización de reservas y cambios plasmáticos

by Blasco Mínguez, Josefina

Abstract (Summary)
ABSTRACT: The main object of this thesis was: the sequential study of several plasmatíc parameters (glucose, proteins, amino acids, lactate, glucagon and insulin) in relation to changes of reserves in main tissues (liver and muscle) after short-term starvation (2 months) in function of sexual maturity. First experiment: Lots of eight mature carps were sampled at 2, 5, 8, 19 and 50 days of starvation and after 12 days of refeeding and compared to control groups which were fasted 24 hours. Second experiment: 10ts of eight immature carps were sampled at 1, 19, 50 and 67 days of starvation. Hepatic glycogen was the first reserve mobilized during starvation in both of experiments, being reduced a 50%. The liver was the most affected tissue in relative values, however the total energetic content mobilized by muscle was superior, being the muscle proteins the most affected. The diminution of muscle proteins in mature carp was observed at 19 days of starvation, but in immature carp at 67 days. The major energetic content as liver as muscle in immature carp could explain the delay or sparing in muscle protein utilization in comparison to mature carp. The observed changes in plasmatic amino acid showed that non-essential amino acids were used to a greater extent than essential amino acid. The branched-chain amino acid were the most affected of the essential amino acid and, between the non-essential amino acid the changes of alanine were the most notable. The levels and changes of pancreatic hormones during starvation were different in both experiments. In mature carp, pancreatic hormones were decreased at the beginning of starvation period, being glucagon the most diminished. In immature carp, a strong increase of glucagon and a decrease of insulin and glucose were observed at the end of experiment. The levels of glucose, insulin and glucagon were recovered after refeeding of starved mature carp. Moreover the liver and its reserves were restored completely, but not the muscle.
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Advisor:Fernández Borrás, Jaume

School:Universitat de Barcelona

School Location:Spain

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:fisiologia fac biologia


Date of Publication:12/04/1990

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