Education and community development [electronic resource] : The case of a primary school in Havana, Cuba /

by Green, Evan T.

Abstract (Summary)
Summary: In the United States, schools are rarely connected to the community building process, whereas in some countries they are central to the community development process. Schools in Cuba, for example, appear highly connected to community development. This concept of United States schools' disconnection to the community has been documented in a chapter entitled "Schools and Disadvantaged Neighborhoods: The Community Development Challenge" by Stone, Doherty, Jones, and Ross printed in Urban Problems and Community Development. In the United States and in developing nations, public schools are the most important change agents within the community. Many, if not all, neighborhood improvement are channeled in some way through the public school system. In regard to the United States, that the United States is not effectively channeling community development issues through the school is either ineffective or non-existent (Stone, Doherty, Jones, and Ross 1999 p. 344). (Abstract shortened by UMI.)
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