EU's Foreign Policy in the Case of Iraq : An evaluation of EU's actorness

by Källberg, Ellen

Abstract (Summary)
The aim of the thesis is to evaluate the actorness of EU’s foreign policy. The crisis in Iraqwas chosen as an empirical example, where the EU was considered to have suffered from incapacity. Signs of the incapacity were the lack of a common position and effective statements. The aim is therefore to evaluate why there was no common position presented. The thesis furthermore discusses whether the result is specific for the Iraq crisis, or if it is general for the European foreign policy. Two models explaining actorness are used to evaluate the crisis in Iraq. The models are constituted by variables explaining actorness. The first model includes autonomy, cohesion, authority and recognition. Model two uses opportunity, presence and capacity. Model one shows that EU lacked in authority, which affected the remaining variables negatively. The result is considered general to the European foreign policy, rather than specific to the Iraq crisis, since authority can only be changed in a revision of the treaties. The cohesion may depend on the case, but due to the complexity of foreign policy there is a great risk that it may also fail. Model two emphasises a process where the EU creates a role for itself in world politics. The role is enforced by the EU’s actions. The role that the EU has created does not suggest an entity that acts in war, but is rather more compatible with the rebuilding after war. The idea of the EU has consequences for what constitutes an opportunity, as well as for the credibility of EU’s capacity. Since the role is created in a process that takes place over time there is a great risk that the problems, that the result elucidates, are general and not specific to the Iraq crisis.
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School:Högskolan i Jönköping

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:foreign policy eu crisis in iraq actorness


Date of Publication:06/28/2007

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