E-learning inom franchise : Ett verktyg för utbildning och erfarenhetsutbyte

by Barmé, David; Hammargren, Tor

Abstract (Summary)
Education and exchange of experience within franchise is a key factor for a successful business and are also legally regulated. Therefore franchisors try to improve their educa-tion and exchange of experience. The question is if education and the exchange if information can be improved by the use of e-learning. The purpose of this thesis is to investigate the possibility to complement education and exchange of experience with e-learning. Further to present an recommendation of the most suitable e-learningplatform. To fulfil the purpose we have chosen to investigate and describe how education and exchange of experience occur today and what type of knowledge that is transferred and if there is any interest of implementing e-learning to complement these activities. By conducting qualitative interviews with six franchisors within the retail trade business we will answer those questions. To analyze the interviews we have used the Addiemodell which is a proved model to investigate which type of knowledge that are teached and which e-learning platform that are most suitable.Based on the interviews all franchisors have an interest in complementing their education of new franchisees by e-learning. The education do not differ that much from company to company, their way of conducting education are quite similar. The most suitable solution is Web Based Training (WBT) with a focus on cognitive skills that are memorisable. It is very evident that e-learning just can be a complement since it is very important to meet and to interact directly and it is for that reason some knowledge can not be transferred electronically.All franchisors are interested in complementing their exchange of experience by using e-learning. The ways experience is exchanged are quite the same if you compare the compa-nies and all franchisors communicate knowledge that is suitable for e-learning purposes. The most suitable solution is Web Asynchronous Classroom (WAC) that focuses on com-municating cognitive skills which is evaluating and analyzing activities. A WAC solution supports a chat room or forum which is suitable for exchange of experience. All franchi-sors mentioned the importance of meeting face to face when exchanging knowledge and experience, but they also mentioned that e-learning will improve these activities as a complement.Our recommendation is to implement a WBT solution combined with WAC functions such as chat rooms and forum. There is a need and interest among franchisors to use e-learning.
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School:Högskolan i Jönköping

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:franchise e learning education exchange of experience retail trade information knowledge informatics


Date of Publication:06/01/2007

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