E-learning in One international project-based organization in China

by Liang, Li; Huvanandana, Omar

Abstract (Summary)
Globally, the fast-changing business environment requires a period for people to learn and accept new information and knowledge which comes more quickly than ever before. E-learning systems, as by-products of information technology are popular today especially in those international organizations with subsidiaries in many countries around the world.As typical project-based organizations, some market research companies in China have also adopted e-learning systems already for some years to meet the requirements of global learning and knowledge sharing. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to explore the role of an e-learning system in a Chinese market research company in Shanghai.By examining the literature on learning, e-learning and project-based organizations, the research gap of e-learning in the context of project-based organizations has been defined. Through conducting semi-structured interviews in a Chinese market research company, the results demonstrate the current role of an e-learning system as an additional learning channel for individuals. This has not, however, brought significant changes from an organizational perspective due to many factors such as limited interactions between headquarters and local offices, language and cultural barriers, lack of top management support, and issue of time constraints.In order to encourage the use of an e-learning system, the Chinese offices need to build a supportive learning environment internally such as providing a Chinese version, establishing the communication platform, leaving some flexible time for employees to learn and also to link the learning results to individual performance.Moreover, the headquarters also needs to try to motivate the local (Chinese) employees to be more involved in the e-learning processes such as launching, maintaining and giving feedback to improve the effectiveness and also to push forward the impacts of e-learning from an individual level to team or organizational levels.
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School:Umeå universitet

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:learning e project based organizations china


Date of Publication:01/26/2009

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