E-handelns påverkan på de fysiska butikerna inom bokbranschen

by Ma, Ken; Miri, Amir

Abstract (Summary)
Aim: Since the development of e-commerce made it possible to buy and sell goods through Internet, it has spread rapidly and worldwide. The e-commerce has been successful which can cause some difficulties for the physical stores, some industries has suffered more than others. The book industry is one among those who are more vulnerable, that’s why we decided to find out why the book industry is so vulnerable and how it’s influnced by the e-commerce. We also investigate their price structures and how the physical stores can counter the threat from Internet stores.Method: The chosen method is qualitative through interviews with three different book salesmen. A smaller study has also been conducted where prices are compared between physical stores and Internet stores. For our theoretical basis the sources consist mostly of articales and reports. To analyze all the obtained information, we first worked through all the theory and later on compared it with the empirical studies.Result & Conclusions: Through all the obtained information and studies, it’s been clear that e-commerce has influenced the physical stores negatively. Many stores have already faced bankruptcy because of the competition. The physical stores are well aware of the success of e-commerce, but little is done to diffend their market shares. There is no belief that the physical stores will be replaced in the future, because sometimes there’s a need to use your sense when you shop. We get the feeling that the physical stores are too relaxed and doesn’t take the threat seriously enough. If no measures are taken, then we believe it’s only a matter of time before store after store will vanish.Suggestions for future research: In our thesis we have limited our research to how the physical stores are affected by the e-commerce, but it’s actually the customers who are really behind the influence. It would be interesting if a study could show why and when customers choose to purchase from a Internet store and when they do not.Contribution of the thesis: The thesis gives an insight in how efficient the e-commerce has been and the physical stores attitude towards the threat. It’s cheaper to purchase through Internet if the delivery time is not questionable. Course litterature is no longer available to purchase in the physical stores due to competition.
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School:Högskolan i Gävle

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:02/12/2008

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