E-fakturans inverkan på integritetskänslig vårdinformation

by Ericsson, Yvonne

Abstract (Summary)
This thesis deals with integrity sensitive healthcare information on invoices, a subject that arose during my work at county council secretariat in Jönköping. When a person gets treatment in another county than the home county the invoice are sent to the home county, but before these invoices are paid, they have to be checked and attested. This handling was experienced as time consuming and ineffective which led me in to some thoughts around electronic billing (e-billing). The invoice contains integrity sensitive information, like personal code numbers and other kind of information, which is possible to connect with diagnosis and treatments. Therefore it is important that the handling becomes effective and that the secrecy can be maintained during the whole billing process.In this study I discuss how the handling of integrity sensitive healthcare information is influenced if the invoice handling is digitalised. The purpose was to do a comparison the handling of secrecy between paper invoices and digital e-billing. The study was accomplished by a qualitative approach where one organisation, Jönköpings county council, was examined more thorough and for the data collection literature studies and interviews were chosen.The result showed that the secrecy around paper invoices is a sensitive factor. It is not able to trace the handlings around these documents and an invoice could easily disappear within an organisation. On the contrary, for e-bills there is a large possibility to trace and control the handlings. There are different kinds of e-billing and if a system like for example EDI-billing is chosen, a lot of tasks could be automatized. That will decrease the risk for intentional as well as unintentional secrecy crimes. Furthermore, if some personal information could be hidden, it would mean a better safety for the patients. Technically there are a lot of good solutions that is able to improve the secrecy, but a lot of these are only a recheck that laws and rules are followed, for example saved information about what have happened with a specific invoice.The biggest threat though is the so called human element. It is impossible to build an information system that contains no leaks, because it is always the persons that are handling the delicate information that makes the thoughts into actions. Some kind of mistakes or carelessness could be prevented by technical solutions, but the staffs’ attitude of their work and the responsibility is a fundamental factor with papers- as well as e-bills.
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School:Högskolan i Jönköping

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:electronic bill billing county council security secrecy


Date of Publication:06/30/2005

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