Du är din egen lyckas smed : en kvalitativ studie om identitetsskapande och ätstörningar

by Johansson, Sandra; Hallkvist, Johanna

Abstract (Summary)
Örebro UniversityDepartment of Social SciencesSociology, Continuation Course, 41-60 p.Essay, 10 p. Spring 2006Title: a qualitative studie about identity making and eating disorders (Du är din egen lyckas smed, en kvalitativ studie om identitetsskapande och ätstörningar)Author: Hallkvist, Johanna & Johansson, SandraAbstractThe aim of this essay is to examine if factors in an individuals search for an identity is one of the issues that can cause an eating disorder. This with the help of terms in Anthony Giddens structural theory. We also want to understand women who had eating disorders and there subjective experiences. We have studied the following issues:• Why does a young woman develop an eating disorder?• Are there factors in the process of making an identity, that can cause eating disorders?Our main sources are to our analysis are data from four women, they are all in the age-group 24-34 years. Our sampling-methods are recommendations from experts, and spreading thru mail, so called snowball sampling.To analyse our empirical findings we used Giddens structural theory.The result of the analysis shows that most of the interviewed has experienced a certain amount of outcast during their school years, the individuals has felt a pressure to fit, and to adjust their social identity. To succeed, they felt the need to change themselves and their appearance. To do so, they choose to go on a diet, which escalated to anorexia and bulimia.Key words: eating disorders, identity, anorexia, bulimia
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School:Örebro universitet

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:08/30/2006

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