Drivkrafter och hinder för samverkan : En studie inom bil- och komponenttestverksamheten i Norrbotten

by Åkerlund, Katarina; Bäckvall, Lisa

Abstract (Summary)
AbstractThis report has as purpose to identify driving forces and obstacles for collaboration within and in between industry- society- university in the car- and component test industry in the County of Norrbotten. The aim of the study is reached by describing the different initiatives for collaboration that exist today. Theoretical framework as trippel-helix, network, embeddedness, and challenges in regional collaboration are used to analyse secondary data and the qualitative interviews are made with key actors in the differ-ent collaboration areas.The different actors have different main goals with their businesses, but have created common initiatives to collaborate in different levels with the goal to develop the test industry and the region. The main driving forces have been identified as the local inhabi-tants’ and the entrepreneurs’ desire to live in a thinly settled region, which puts demand on developing the industry into a yearly basis. To be able to realize that, collaboration with higher education and society is of critical importance. The obstacles lay in the geo-graphical distances, low levels of trust among the actors, the different organization cultures and communication difficulties.In this report it is stated that prerequisites for reaching a higher level of triple helix within the car- and component test industry in the County of Norrbotten do exist, but the particular character of the industry makes the extent of social embeddedness and the establishment of shared security and owner contracts critical factors for the success.Thanks toThe authors wish to thank their tutors Caroline Wigren and Jens Hultman for their guidance. Credit is also given to Visanu for the scholarship, which financed the collec-tion of the empirical primary data. Finally, the most important group for creating the report validity is our informants within the car- and component test-industry, for shar-ing your inspiring stories with us. Our families and friends who supported us in the creation of the report, thanks. Finally we thank each other.
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School:Högskolan i Jönköping

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:02/02/2006

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