Driftkostnadsanalys i väginvesteringsprojekt

by Johansson, Sabina; Bergkvist, Mattias

Abstract (Summary)
During its lifetime, a road goes through a number of different stages; pre-study,inquiry of the road, work plan, documenting stage, building stage and operatingstage. The operating stage is the one that takes the longest time and costs themost. Those have a tendency of becoming unnecessarily high because the projectengineers don’t always take the management and maintenance prerequisites intoconditions.To decrease the management and maintenance costs, the Swedish RoadAdministration SouthEast has been in need of a work procedure that makes theroaddesign engineers take the management and maintenance of the road intoconsideration. This shall be achieved by a checklist where the most commondesigns that lead to increased management- and maintenance costs are compiledand listed.Through interviews with project leaders in management, the most commonproblems have been identified, analyzed and summarized under the headlineswinter-road, vegetation, road equipment and road designs.To elucidate the problem from several points of view, interviews wereimplemented with project leaders in investment and roaddesign engineers. Duringthese interviews opinions emerged about the way the checklist should be designedand used.The checklist was designed with the analyzed points, which emerged after theinterview with a project leader in management, in regard. Taken intoconsideration were the opinions of the project leaders in investment androaddesign engineers.This resulted in a checklist consisting of two parts. Part 1 consists of aspects thatshould be taken into consideration in the beginning of the road-planning and Part2 of aspects that should be considered in the finishing phase of it.Then, the checklist was tested on an existing road build plan by means of havingits roaddesign engineer filling out the checklist and make comments to theanswers. The checklist got good response.The management and maintenance costs are not always taken into consideration.Mainly because other aspects, such as safety, aesthetics and the opinions of theroads users and other parties, are prioritized.Furthermore the communication between the project leaders in management andin maintenance is poor due to lack of time, and as a result similar mistakes aremade over and over again.The checklist gives the project leaders in investment and the roaddesign engineershelp to put management and maintenance costs in focus. The checklist is also asupport for the project engineers by giving them the means to comment on theirchoices and thereby remember why they chose a certain design.
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School:Högskolan i Jönköping

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:08/24/2007

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