Ditt Nya Hageby : En governmentalitystudie i ett bostadsocialt projekt

by Pettersson, Mats

Abstract (Summary)
This thesis discuss the matter of non-profit-making associations as a self regulatory technique out of a theoretical concept of power. The object for the study is the non-profit-making association Ditt Nya Hageby, which work in the neigborhood of Hageby, a suburb to Norrköping. In the study the association is placed in a contemporary postmodern social context and analyzed through semi- structured qualitative interviews, accordingly to hermeneutical method, with five active members of the association as informants. The association consists of members who lives in the neighborhood. Together with a hired organizer they realizes their own ideas in to projects which unquestionably improves the social and physical enviroment in Hageby. The author of this thesis, however argues their activities also can be looked at in a normative way concerning social order in a non-compelling sence. Thus the author means that the association, in this particular sense, could be understood theoretically by implying Michel Foucaults govermentality concept. In order to reach the final conclusion the informants experience concerning sense of community and identity in relation to Ditt Nya Hageby is analyzed. Further theoretical framework is provided by Ferdinand Tönnies concepts of gemeinschaft/gesellschaft and Jürgen Habermas civil publicity. The paper also accounts for what the authorbelieves to be the ideological/methodological basis for Ditt Nya Hageby’s activities by presenting and discussing the"from the inside out"-perspective which is recomended by John P. Kretzman&John.L McKnight regarding the reconstruction, in a wider sense, of exposed neigborhoods.
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School:Linköpings universitet

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:govermentality bostadsområde ”inifrån och ut” gemenskap identitet neighborhood ”from the inside out” sense of community and identity


Date of Publication:01/01/2004

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