Dimensions of Enterprise Hypocrisy with Specifics to Recruitment & Selection

by Bhaur, Amer; Mula?, Jakub

Abstract (Summary)
The increase in white-collar crimes has become a common feature around the globe andits impact has left many conglomerates despaired affecting businesses, economies,employees and families that are somehow related to these organizations. The famousmoney laundering and accounting scandals such as; Parmalat, Adelphia, Yukos OilCompany, Qwest Communications International, Tyco, and WorldCom, are true bitterrealities of the corporate world. The dilemma is costing enterprises great amounts ofmoney to set the image right that keeps on getting wrong. People are hired on loads ofrelevant work experience with excellent academic backgrounds, yet the strain ofdishonesty lurks within the individual worker of an organization.The purpose of the research is to investigate the dismal realities that occur within therecruiters’ conscious or subconscious mind during a recruitment and selection process(the gateway to an organization). Our objective is to identify the dimensions of enterprisehypocrisy and to understand and explain the scenarios and the ways professionals aretrying to cope with the matter.The recruiters see the white collar crimes as a potential rising concern and are usingpersonality test such as the OPQ 32 (Occupational Personality Questionnaire) togetherwith other methods (interviews, references, intuition, education, etc.) in hiring the rightcandidate for the job, which hopefully would be potentially harmless to the organization.The findings are not based on a systematic comparative study and can therefore only beinterpreted as indicative.
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School:Umeå universitet

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:hypocrisy honesty hiring process recruitment and selection character courage vision emotional intelligence dimensions of


Date of Publication:06/21/2007

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