Development of a safety performance evaluation system to determine the effectiveness of the safety training given to plant engineering employees at 3M-Menomonie

by Gareau, Patrick J.

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Gareau Patrick J______ (Last Name) (First Name) (Middle) Development of a Safety Performance Evaluation System to Determine the Effectiveness of the Safety Training Given to Plant Engineering Employees at 3M-Menomonie. (Title) Risk Control Elbert Sorrell May, 01____65__ (Major) (Research Advisor) (Month/Year) (Pages) American Psychological Association – 4th Edition (Name of Style Manual Used in this Study) The purpose of this study was to develop a safety performance evaluation system to show the effectiveness of the safety training given to plant engineering employees at 3M- Menomonie. The study was conducted at the 3M facility in Menomonie, Wisconsin. The review of literature examined the different types of training used throughout different industries as well as covered the different evaluation systems used in conjunction with the training. The review focused on the history of safety, what is training including the purpose, procedures for evaluating training, safety training, and safety training at 3M- Menomonie. The information was gathered from numerous reference and publication materials from the field of safety and training. The following steps were used to develop the evaluation system: (a) develop a safety training evaluation system for plant-engineering employees, (b) determine a process iii of implementation, and (c) implement the system into 3M-Menomonie’s safety training procedures. Conclusions were based on the information taken from the reviews of literature and development and implementation of the evaluation system. The analysis of this information showed areas that were deficient and appropriate recommendations for improvement were given. Implementation of the system should help the safety department improve deficiencies in the current training policies. In addition, and most importantly, the new system should be able to help improve the effectiveness of the safety training given to plant engineering employees. This will allow them to perform their duties much safer and help to reduce the number of injuries on site as well as the costs of these injuries. iv
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