Development and evaluation of an apparatus to simulate and measure the lateral pressure and pore pressure of a sample of fresh concrete

by Sparks, Kevin C.

Abstract (Summary)
SPARKS, KEVIN C. Development and Evaluation of an Apparatus to Simulate and Measure the Lateral Pressure and Pore Pressure of a Sample of Fresh Concrete. (Under the direction of Michael L. Leming) A small scale test apparatus to measure the total lateral pressure and pore pressure of fresh mortar under an applied pressure over time was developed at the North Carolina State University Constructed Facilities Laboratory. The effects of selected material characteristics and construction factors on the lateral pressure were examined. The results were compared to numerical models developed by others to predict the maximum lateral pressure exerted by concrete to be used for the design of concrete formwork. In addition, principals and concepts from concrete chemistry and soil mechanics were examined to attempt to understand the mechanics of the lateral pressure of fresh concrete. The research is conducted with the objective of developing a small scale test which will allow factors affecting lateral pressure from fresh concrete on formwork to be explored prior to conducting full scale tests.
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School:North Carolina State University

School Location:USA - North Carolina

Source Type:Master's Thesis

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