Development of an Implantable Data Acquisition System

by Sonalkar, Prachi Santosh

Abstract (Summary)
Implantable medical devices offer several fascinating possibilities for improving human health. Coupled with advancements in the miniaturization of electronic systems, the array of implantable medical devices will continue to expand. Furthermore, if instrumentation based implants are interfaced to a communication sub-system, the potential exists for wireless microcontroller software updates and real-time data acquisition from integrated sensors which could relay patient health information or implant mechanical conditions to an external system. This thesis focuses on development of such a platform. The current system incorporates a Radio Frequency (RF) telemetry system integrated to an embedded microcontroller with multi-channel data acquisition capabilities. This system employs a XE1201A (Xemics Inc, Switzerland) transceiver chipset providing a bi-directional 405 MHz RF communications link. This transceiver is integrated to an ultra-low power MSP430F149 (Texas Instruments, Dallas TX) microcontroller with 12-bit analog to digital capabilities. In addition, a similar external system is interfaced to a PC for complete control and real-time data acquisition is developed, a custom developed script language is implemented to input required commands for collection of desired data from a particular sensor. The software code and protocol to establish bi-directional communication was developed in ANSI C which is implemented on the microcontroller and the PC interface was developed using LabVIEW (National Instruments, Austin TX). In addition, all ASICs are available in die form to allow for ultra-miniaturization. The system is in the process of being evaluated in a spinal disc implant equipped with strain and temperature sensors. Future work will involve manufacturing the entire system in an ultra-compact package through the use of flip-chip technology.
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School:University of Toledo

School Location:USA - Ohio

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:medical implants data acquisition wireless communication rf telemetry


Date of Publication:01/01/2005

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