Developing a reliable methodology for assessing the computer network operations threat of North Korea /

by Brown, Christopher.

Abstract (Summary)
Computer network operations (CNO) can be considered a relatively new phenomenon being encount modern warfare. Computer network operation is comprised of three components, computer network attack computer network exploitation (CNE), and computer network defense (CND). Computer network attack is def operations to disrupt, deny, degrade, or destroy information resident in computer networks, or the computers and ne themselves. Computer network exploitation is the intelligence collection and enabling operations to gather data from adversary automated information systems (AIS) or networks. Finally, computer network defense are those me internal to the protected entity, taken to protect and defend information, computers, and networks from disruption, degradation, or destruction. No longer is warfare limited to the use of kinetic weapons and conventional methods of war. Computer network operations have become an integral part of our adversary's arsenal and more attention must be paid to the effects of CNO activities, particularly CNA and CNE being conducted by our adversaries. Of the many states suspected of conducting active CNO activities against the United States and other nations, none warrants more attention than North Korea. This thesis presents the development of methodology using information available from open sources. This work is intended to prove that a useful methodology for assessing the CNO capabilities and limitations of North Korea can be developed using only open source information.
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School:The United States Naval Postgraduate School

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