Design, synthesis, and characterization of polymeric materials for uses in energy storage applications

by 1978- Welna, Daniel Thomas

Abstract (Summary)
iii The work described in this thesis focuses on the design, synthesis, and characterization of polymeric materials for energy storage applications, which include small molecule electrolyte additives, solid polymer electrolyte, and gel polymer electrolyte systems. In addition, non-woven nanofiberous mats of a pre-ceramic polymer were examined for high-strength and temperature material applications. Chapter 2 of this thesis describes the synthesis of novel polyphosphazene single ion conductors for use in secondary lithium ion batteries. Chapters 3 and 4 details work towards the synthesis and evaluation of highly selective membranes for use in lithium-seawater batteries. The fifth chapter deals with the synthesis and characterization of a polyphosphazene-silicate solid polymer electrolyte networks for secondary lithium batteries. Chapter 6 describes the fabrications and evaluation a gel polymer electrolyte system which utilizes a phosphatebased small molecule electrolyte additive. The appendix details the electrostatic spinning of a polymeric ceramic precursor to produce a nanofiberous mat, which upon pyrolysis yield boron carbide nanofibers.
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School:Pennsylvania State University

School Location:USA - Pennsylvania

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