Design, synthesis, and characterization of [1-->3]; [1-->(2 + 1 Me)]; [1-->(2 + 1)] C-branched dendrons and dendritic architectures

by Kotta, Kishore Kumar.

Abstract (Summary)
Various dendrons and dendrimers with [1 ? 3]; [1 ? (2 + 1 Me)]; [1 ? (2 + 1)] C-branching were designed, synthesized, and studied. Dendrimers with internal PEG linkages were prepared using a convergent approach. Incorporation of triethylene glycol units within the dendritic framework rendered the dendrimer soluble in both polar and apolar solvents. The solubility of lithium triflate salts in chloroform in the presence of PEGed dendrimers is described. Dendrimers from 1st to 5th generation with [1 ? (2 + 1 Me)]-C-branched monomer were constructed by iterative methodology. Quantum dots were prepared in the presence of 1st – 5th generation dendrimers and their emission properties studied. The synthesis of cyano-terminated, sol-gel dendrons and their application in capillary microextraction-gas chromatography (CME-GC) are described. A convenient synthesis for the construction of [1 ? 3]-C-branched dendrons was developed. The design and synthesis of conifer-shaped dendritic architecture as well as its complexation with ?-cyclodextrin are described. 1H NMR, 13C NMR, IR, ESI-MS, and MALDI-TOF MS methods were used to characterize all new intermediates and final products. Potential applications of these dendrons and dendrimers, as polymer electrolytes, solid sorbents, and the unimolecular micelles are envisioned. iii
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School:The University of Akron

School Location:USA - Ohio

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:dendrimers polymers


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