Design and management of wireless ATM networks

by Zhao, Wen

Abstract (Summary)
Broadband. multimedia and economical implementation are the main charactenstics for variety of future telecornmunication services such as telephony, data, and multimedia applications. Broadband Integrated Services Digital Network (B-SDN) provides what wc need. Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATiMj. as a leading tcchnolo_oy, is ussd to implement B-ISDN. -A lot of research and development has been dons recently on the design and use of ATM for wireline networks with fiber-optic links, but intrgration of ATM trchnolo~y with wireless networks is still new. A wireless ATM system capable of supponing integratsd voice. video and data services with Quality of services is designed in this thesis. The system architecture is described and a wireless ATM specific protocol stack is proposed. The proposed wireless ATM system provides broadband link and has very low deployment cost, which make it an ideai candidate technology for both srnall business and residential users. The main results of the study are the descriptions of the design and mamgement aspects of wireiess ATM networks. The OPNET simulation tool is used to investigate the system performance behaviors under different traffic conditions. Mobility management and sipnaling are lefi for M e r study.
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Date of Publication:01/01/1998

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