Design and characterization of monolithic microwave integrated circuits in CMOS SOI technology for high temperature applications

by El Kaamouchi, Majid

Abstract (Summary)
Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) CMOS technology constitutes a good candidate for mixed signal RF CMOS applications. Due to its low junction capacitance and reduced leakage current, SOI provides reduced static and dynamic power consumption of the digital logic combined with increased cut-off frequencies. Moreover, in terms of passive device integration the major benefit of SOI when compared to the conventional bulk is the possibility to use a high resistivity substrate which allows a drastic reduction of substrate losses allowing a high quality factor of the passive devices. Another issue is the harsh environment applications. Electronics capable of operating at high temperatures are required in several industrial applications, including the automobile industry, the aerospace industry, the electrical and nuclear power industries, and the well-logging industry. The capability of SOI circuits to expand the operating temperature range of integrated circuits up to 300°C has been demonstrated. SOI devices and circuits present advantages in this field over bulk counterparts such as the absence of thermally-activated latch up and reduced leakage current. In this context, various topologies of integrated transmission lines and spiral inductors implemented on standard and high substrate resistivities have been analyzed over a large temperature range. The temperature behavior of the SOI transistors is presented. The main figures-of-merit of the SOI MOSFETs are analyzed and the extraction of the extrinsic and intrinsic parameters of the small signal equivalent circuit is performed. Also, an example of RF circuit applications of the SOI technology, based on a fully integrated Low-Noise Amplifier for low-power and narrow-band applications, is investigated and characterized at high temperature. The main figures-of-merit of the designed circuit are extracted and discussed. The good results show that the SOI technology is now emerging as a good candidate for the realization of analog integrated circuits for low-power and high-temperature applications.
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School:Université catholique de Louvain

School Location:Belgium

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:substrat soi amplificateur rf microélectronique radiofréquence silicon on insulator devices radiofrequency front end microondes low power electronique noise amplifier electrostatic discharge lna esd faible bruit spiral inductor


Date of Publication:09/24/2008

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