Design av Mobila Gränssnitt : Mobila Turistapplikationer

by Johansson, Mattias; Andersson, Linus

Abstract (Summary)
The implementation of the third generation of mobile networks (3G) has led to a creation of new areas of use within mobile services. Increased capacity of the bandwidth has made it possible to send a considerable amount more data than in the predecessors of 3G. It has also led to new services within 3G. One area which is under development is mobile tourism information. Mobila Guiden is a mobile tourismapplication which TelecomCity, Karlskrona, has developed. It is a guide over the world heritage in the city which is presented on a 3G mobile phone. The user is presented with a map over Karlskrona City on a mobile phone with different points of interest. These points include information in the form of text, pictures and sound about the object.Certain negative aspects regarding mobile phones surface under the discussion. The screens on mobile phones are relatively small which makes information presentation complicated. It is hard to design the user interface for applications so that the users becomes satisfied. Within the computer industry, Human Computer Interaction and other areas concerning user interface has been studied, but when it comes to the small screens of mobile phones the research is not that widespread.The aim of this report is that from a user perspective, analyze and identify how a mobile application for the 3G-network that presents tourism information should be designed to satisfy user needs. We focus on that applications of this kind in the future should appeal to a broad customer base. The result of this report will give normative knowledge and be regarded as an academic contribution in the future development of information presentation in mobile networks.Our investigation began with a study regarding existing literature. Thereafter a case study with qualitative interviews relating to Mobila Guiden in Karlskrona took place along with a focus group meeting later on. We finally used a survey to get quantitative data regarding opinions of the user interface of the application. The results of the empirical study were then analyzed in relation to appropriate theories.A mobile tourism application must present a broad range of information to satisfy the users, for example: a map with sights worth seeing, restaurants, hotels and happenings. The usability should consist of the creation of a dialogue between the application and the user. The user must receive feedback and information on how to use the application. The choice of colour should be taken under consideration since the screen size makes it imperative that the user interface is clear and easy to understand. It should also be possible to make individual adjustments regarding the speed of a picture slideshow, font size and sound.
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School:Högskolan i Jönköping

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:mobile application user interface human computer interaction 3g tourism information


Date of Publication:08/31/2005

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