Design, Simulation and Physical Characterization of 3D Photonic Crystal Woodpile Structures for High Efficacy Incandescent Thermal Emission


Abstract (Summary)
Photonic crystals are widely recognized for their light extraction properties paving a way for extensive use in optical communication and many other fields where there is a need for manipulation and control of light and its properties. Though one dimensional photonic crystal in the form of diffraction gratings and two dimensional photonic crystals are widely used in various optics applications, recent work in three dimensional photonic crystals is allowing their use as thermal emitters. Previous work done on three dimensional photonic crystals with various fabrication techniques have enabled thermal emission but beyond the visible wavelength region. The basis of this thesis dissertation is to lay the foundation for the use of photonic crystals as Thermal emitters within the visible wavelength region leading to enhanced emission which could in the future be an ideal replacement for other optical sources. This work presents the Design, simulation and Physical characterization of Tungsten photonic crystal filaments for enhanced black body emission. The major focus area is the simulation of the Crystal structure using the software FDTD Solutions to obtain the accurate dimensions for the fabrication of the structure. The initial steps of the fabrication process were then carried out with emphasis on Thermocompression bonding to obtain the first layer of the woodpile structure. Several strength measurements were carried out to emphasize the Bond strength characterization and the first layer of the overall structure was successfully obtained. The crux of this work is mainly simulation and Initial fabrication process mainly comprising of Thermocompression bonding and characterization following the bonding.
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School:University of Cincinnati

School Location:USA - Ohio

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:3d photonic crystals tungsten thermocompression bonding incandescent thermal emission intereference patterning


Date of Publication:01/01/2008

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