Desenvolvimento de um reator de bancada de leito fluidizado para procuração de etanol utilizando linhagens de leveduras floculantes

by Viegas, Marcelo Caldeira

Abstract (Summary)
purpose of this work was to develop a continuous fermentation system operating with a tower-type reactor using flocculating yeast strains isolated from industrial process (Diana Distillery, 95/96 harvest season). The strain used in the reactor was selected taking into aecount its floeeulation eapaeity, sinee this eharacteristie is the main requirement for maintaining the strain immobilized in the reactor. Other eharacteristies assoeiated with the fermentative performanee of strains have also been evaluated (growth rate, substract consumption rate and ethanol yield). The system tests were performed in two tower-type glass reaetors (5,8 em in diameter and 78 em high) conneeted in series. The tests were carried in two stages. The first included preliminary tests in whi h it was studied the reactor' s operativeness al varying feeding ART (total redueing sugars) coneentration and residenee time. Although it was obtained a productivity of up to 10,14 roL etOH/L. h (8,00 g etOH/L. h) in these tests, the yields were not satisfactory (50,58%). This fact was associated with the passage of alI 'CO IND. 2' produced in the first reactor to the second, preventing the formation of a stable bed in it. ln the second stage of tests it was eliminated part of the 'CO IND. 2' produced in the first reactor, making it possible for a stable bed to be formed in the seeond reaetor. The effects of the variables of ART eoneentration in feeding, recycle flow in the second reaetor, residenee time and the diameterlheight relation of the reaetors on the yield and the productivity of the system were studied. lt was observed that the ART concentration in feeding and the residence time are the variables that most interfere in the productivity ofthe system. lt was possible obtain productivity values ofup to 19,44 roL etOH/L. h (15,40 g etOH/L. h) while keeping high yield values (around 93%). Yield has not been affected by any studied variable within the evaluated value range. AlI trials folIowed a factorial experimental desing and the results were evaluated based on the response surface
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Advisor:Silvio Roberto Andrietta; Silvio Roberto Andrietta [Orientador]; Jose Paulo Stupiello; Maria Isabel Rodrigues

School:Universidade Estadual de Campinas

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:10/05/1999

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