Description of elementary technology education in the DC Everest Public School District as perceived by elementary teachers

by Brecke, Chad E.

Abstract (Summary)
Brecke Chad E. (Writer)(Last Name) (First) (Initial) Description of Elementary Technology Education in the DC Everest Public School District as Perceived by Elementary Teachers (Title) Industrial/Technology Education Dr. Michael Galloy May, 2001 38 (Month/Year) (No. of Pages) American Psychological Association A.P.A. Publication Manual (Style Manual) The purpose of this study was to determine where Technology Education fit into the elementary curriculum of the DC Everest Public School District in Schofield, Wisconsin. This study was based on the need to examine the lack of coordination of Technology Education activities between the elementary schools and the junior high. Data was collected from all regular education elementary teachers within the DC Everest Public School District in the spring of 2001. Elementary teachers were surveyed because they are the primary decision-makers in terms of elementary curriculum and they have been neglected as a resource in past studies. The research seems to indicate that elementary teachers understand the need for Technology Education at the elementary level but are currently juggling several priorities 3 and initiatives other than Technology Education. The research project objectives were as follows: (1) to determine the importance of Technology Education in the elementary curriculum; (2) to describe the attitude of elementary teachers toward technology education at the elementary level; and (3) to determine if technology education exists as an integrated discipline at the elementary level. Fifty-nine out of 113 DC Everest elementary teachers returned the survey. The results revealed Technology Education to be the 7th most important academic area in the elementary curriculum. The attitude of teachers toward Technology Education was found to be generally positive. It was also discovered that Technology Education exists as an independent discipline and as an integrated portion of other curriculums at the elementary level. Results were shared with DC Everest elementary teachers and vocational staff with the hope of facilitating coordination between the groups of Technology Education activities. 4
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School:University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

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