Desarrollo de aplicaciones cuantitativas de la espectrometría vibracional para el control de la calidad.

by Armenta Estrela, Sergio

Abstract (Summary)
ABSTRACT This thesis is focused on the development, validation and evaluation, in terms of accuracy, precision and limit of detection, of analytical methods based on infrared (near and mid region) and raman spectrometry using, different sampling techniques. The aim of this thesis has been the development of methods which enables the quality control of manufactured products with different properties and reduces the time of analysis and waste generation, being an environmentally friendly alternative to the reference methodologies based on chromatographic separations. Procedures developed were based on: i) direct measurements on solid samples and ii) measurement of the analyte after its extraction with an appropriate solvent. Additionally, automated procedures based on on-line measurements in closed systems, including also extraction steps and minimizing the contact of the analyst with toxic substances have been developed. The proposed methodologies improve the laboratory productivity by increase of sample throughput and enable simultaneous determination of several analytes in the same sample. Regarding the applicability of the developed studies, it has been evidenced in this Thesis, that vibrational spectrometry is definitely one of the fastest, reliable and suitable techniques for monitoring processes and quality control purposes in industrial fields, such as agrochemical or food sector.
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Advisor:Garrigues Mateo, Salvador; De la Guardia Cirugeda, Miguel

School:Universitat de València

School Location:Spain

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:química analítica


Date of Publication:11/03/2006

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