Der Einfluß der intraperitonealen und intravenösen Applikation von Taurolidin und der Kombination von Taurolidin/Heparin in der laparoskopischen und konventionellen Chirurgie auf das intra- und extraperitoneale Tumorwachstum bei Ratten

by Braumann, Chris

Abstract (Summary)
Following subcutaneous and intraperitoneal injection of 104 colon adenocarcinoma cells (DHD/K12/TRb) the influences of both taurolidine or taurolidine/heparin on intraperitoneal and subcutaneous tumor growth was investigated in 210 rats undergoing midline laparotomy or insufflation with carbon dioxide. The animals were randomized into 14 groups. To investigate the intraperitoneal (local) influence of either taurolidine or heparin on tumor growth the substances were applied intraperitoneally. Systemic and intraperitoneal effects were evaluated after intravenous injection of the substances. Both application forms were also combined to analyze synergistic effects. Tumor weights, as well as the incidence of abdominal wound metastases were determined four weeks after the intervention. In order to evaluate the effects of the agents blood was taken to determine the peripheral leukocytes counts. Intraperitoneal therapy of either taurolidine or in combination with heparin inhibits local tumor growth and abdominal wound recurrences in rats undergoing midline laparotomy or insufflation with carbon dioxide. Neither the intraperitoneal nor the intravenous application or the combination of the two agents did influence the subcutaneous tumor growth. The substances did not alter the changes of peripheral leukocytes.
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Date of Publication:07/08/2002

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