Der Einfluss der bergbaulichen Traditionen und großindustriellen Entwicklungen auf das soziale Gefüge und die Mobilität der Braunkohlenarbeiterschaft von Borna

by Bischoff, Ursula

Abstract (Summary)
The occasion for this thesis gave the behave of mobility of coal-workers after the social changes in 1990. Although the workers have been a "product" of the modern society, which is a mobile one, and in spite of the obvious existing lack of perspectives in economy respectively in this region, only some of them were willing to local and professional changes. This phenomenon, I called it "behaviour of waiting", was the starting point of the thesis. The question for the structural reasons and individual motives for the special mobility behaviour of coal-workers lead to the question for its origins. The aim of the thesis is to explain the local and social immobility of people after 1990 ?? The thesis bases on the theory that the structure of population and employed persons in this region is the result of extensive processes of mobility and shifts in social structure connected with it. The social event "industrialization" influenced the mobility processes in a special way. The specific behaviour of industrial workers is embedded in the description of the development of the economic area, because it leads back to the former economic pattern and especially to the stimulating structures and behavioural patterns working there. Discussing the question of regional mobility, its reasons and consequences the thesis deals with a deficit of previous studies concerning mobility and industrial societies. Up to now social (late)consequences of the strong population mobility during the industrialization process weren't hardly realized in the field of research. Considering this context the mobility of individual social groups became a social phenomenon which caused new problems, although it solved problems existing at this time.
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School:Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

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Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:big industry development of trade brown coal behave mobility coal-workers social upheaval (late) consequences


Date of Publication:12/05/2000

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