Den kommunala självstyrelsen : i en föränderlig samhällsorganisation

by Uddén, Markus

Abstract (Summary)
The essays main aim is to investigate the municipality’s role and independence in a changing society organization. The responsibility committees (Ansvarskommittén) reform proposal, regarding a new society organization, are studied through examine earlier municipality subdivision reforms that has been implemented in Sweden. This in order to understand the democratic effects of these changes.Result of the research that the essay present shows that these reforms have influenced the municipal democracy, in front through that the number of elected representatives have decreased, at the same time as the number of municipal officials increased. The distance between voter and elected has increased. The political parties have problem handling the democratic process on the municipal as well as on the national level.The essay method is a qualitative text analysis. The material for the essay is acquired from earlier municipal democratic research, state inquiries, books and other litterateur that treats the matters for the essay.The essays conclusion becomes that the responsibility committee reform proposal for a new society organization, to a large extend, is considered as an integrated part of the implementation of national welfare politics. The municipalities are imagined to function as the central governments extended arm and to realize nationally decided policys.Yet another conclusion is that the responsibility committee takes the function for the political parties for granted. The political parties are considered to handle the democratic process on the local as well as on the national level, despite that the political parties have problems in many areas. Especially, when it comes to gathering citizen’s trust towards political parties. Also when considering that many citizens prefer to take an active interest in politics through other organisations and in other ways.Thereby, it is surprising that the responsibility committees not devote more room and time examining the democratic effects of the reform proposal they puts forward, concerning the Swedish society organization.
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School:Högskolan i Jönköping

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:municipality self determination democracy ansvarskommittén


Date of Publication:06/08/2007

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