Den kommunala tjänstekatalogen : Hur samlar och beskriver man kommunala tjänster och e-tjänster?

by Häggström, Olov; Salomonsson, Magnus

Abstract (Summary)
In this report service orientation in the development of municipal operations is explored. The purpose of the report is to explore the possible benefits of using service catalogues in municipal settings with regard to the development of operations and the creation of e-services aimed at citizens.Starting from service theory, literature on municipal operations and e-government, and interaction theory a foundation is built for building municipal service orientation theory. A hypothesis is built upon this theory foundation and is complemented with a series of interviews.Analysis of the results shows that all the organizations represented in the study already work service oriented. The analysis also shows that service orientation in municipal operations can contribute to structuring the development of municipal e-government.In the end, a model of municipal e-services based on service theory and the nature of municipal operations is put together. A set of properties of services and e-services is introduced to show the requirements on municipal e-services. A number of evaluation techniques and metrics for both services and e-services are presented.The conclusions state the importance of matching the citizens’ core needs with the municipal organization and the extended needs of the citizens with the municipal organization’s prerequisites. Regarding the core needs of the citizens, the conclusions show that the municipal organization must focus on what is delivered, whereas the extended needs are all about availability, efficiency, and how the service is delivered. The conclusions also show the importance of offering a choice of several interfaces. Lastly effect goals are presented as a way of measuring entire services.
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School:Linköpings universitet

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:06/02/2008

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