Värdebasen i Den Tionde Dagen : om normer, praxisteori och värden i lokal skolutveckling

by Andersson, Erik

Abstract (Summary)
In a local school development project the principles of values and norms are studied. The focus of the study is set on the moral of the collective (norms), the praxis theory (norms and valuations) and the value foundation within the context of a local school development project. The value base is compared to the value discourse in the national curriculum. In a greater perspective the study is about understanding the essence of school development. The ontological and epistemological perspectives make the value objective theory. Values become objects for assimilation and guidance of humans as social beings in the world. The values are found in the intersubjectiv construction, in the social community, where values come to exist. The research is in the areas of pedagogy and philosophy. The main technique used for collecting empirical materials is focus groups.Pedagogical and ethical value discourses come in to sight and are expressed by the teachers. The pedagogical values Development, Participation and Autonomy are all of great importance in the practice of teaching. On the one hand the teaching fundament is constituted by the pedagogical values, the duty of teaching. The ethical values Respect, Development, The duty to do the assignment, Freedom and The integrity of the individual, are, on the other hand all units of importance in the construction of a good school. In teaching praxis the ethical values legitimate the things that are going on. In the organization of The Tenth Day the ethical values stand for the duty of educating children. In the context of local school development pedagogical and ethical values show the existing understanding of the national curriculum. In this wholeness teachers’ values in the pedagogical deed and values for the pedagogical deed exist. If those two perspectives are used they will create a teaching praxis that contains the interaction between teachers as well as between teachers and their pupils. This interaction constructs the value base as a whole.The theoretical contribution of this study contains a new perspective of approaching school development. They are closely related to the praxis and they also show the underlying values in an organization by defining the central concepts/ideas and using them as tools.
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School:Högskolan i Skövde

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:09/28/2007

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