Das intenções às ações: contribuições da pedagogia Freinet para a organização da prática pedagógica na educação infantil

by Costa Leal, Janaina da

Abstract (Summary)
Present dissertation, linked to the Pedagogical and Didactic Processes and Methodsresearch line of the Master in Education Post-Graduation Program of FURB(Universidade Regional de Blumenau), Santa Catarina, presents a research carried out, having as a general goal to analyze the contributions of didactic and pedagogicalprocesses elaborated by Célestin Freinet to organize pedagogical practices performedby teachers of Child Education, ranging from 3 to 6 years old, and meeting thespecific goals of Santa Catarina State Curricular Proposal. It also comprised, asspecific goals, the evaluation of the Pedagogy of Freinet and its concept of childhoodin the Freinet Movement, the understanding of the basic axis upon which saidpedagogy revolves (affection, cooperation, free expression, autonomy andexperimental touching), PCSC (language, plays, interactions and space-timeorganization); as well as to point out how close Freinet Pedagogy and PCSC are.With a bibliographic and documental outlook, the research used all the CélestinFreinet literature of the seventies up to 2006 as a source, in its search for the pedagogicand didactic processes defined by mentioned author and the concept of the child in theFreinet Movement; videos and internet pages; the Federal Constitution of 1988; theNational Child Education Policy (1994); the Guidelines and Basis Law for NationalEducation (Lei de Diretrizes e Bases da Educação Nacional), Law nr. 9394/96 (1996);the National Reference Curriculum for Child Education (1988); and the CurricularProposal of Santa Catarina (1998; 2005). Referred to data, which were analyzed in aquantitative and comparative way, enabled highlighting of following similarities orproximities: Freinet?s ?free expression? is close to PCSC?s ?language?, ?plays? and?interactions?; ?cooperation? meets ?interactions? and ?space-time organization?; ??experimental touching?, as well as ?affection?and ?autonomy? are close to allPCSC?s axis. It is important to notice that we must take into consideration that everypedagogical proposal requires, on the part pf the teacher, a scientific and culturalbackground, so as to enable an in depth knowledge of the principles and axis of his/herpractice, avoiding confusion or distortion of the theoretical consistence of his/herpedagogical proposal. Furthermore, PCSC is a theoretical document providingguidelines and the Pedagogy of Freinet is a pedagogical practice proposal, whichmakes the proximities seen as possible alternatives for the organization of thepedagogical work in Santa Catarina State institutions, that are oriented by PCSC, sothat Child Education can fulfill its social role of caring and educating
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Advisor:Julianne Fischer; Valéria Silva Ferreira; Edson Schroeder

School:Universidade Regional de Blumenau

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:curricular proposal of Santa Catarina pedagogy Freinet child education


Date of Publication:08/28/2008

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