Dadiva e batalha: narrativas de voluntarios a um ensaio de vacina anti-HIV

by Martinez Fernandes, Nilo.

Abstract (Summary)
The main objective in this qualitative study was to investigate through narratives the simbolic and imaginarian constructions of volunteers willing to participate in HIV vaccine trial. The database of Projeto Praça Onze, a HIV seroincidence study for a future vaccine trial, that took place in Rio de Janeiro from 1995 and 1998 was used. The Praça Onze was located in downtown of Rio de Janeiro at the Hospital Escola São Francisco de Assis, an university hospital of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. The target population of this project consisted of men who had sex with men. The methodology used in the research was the oral history interview, which emphasizes the speech as an important and revealing resource not only of subjectivity but also of the world visions inserted in their historic, social, economic and cultural conditions. The analysis and interpretation of the data shall be built from the theoretical issues of the analysis recommended by Carlo Ginzburg (1995). The interviews indicated that AIDS continues to be a serious issue for MSM and the willingness to participate in a vaccine trial in this population is determined by many motivations. In a first moment, the volunteers join the project because they need to know their serological status following an unsafe sexual activity. After a negative anti-HIV test result, this motivation changes. That may be either altruistic and prestigious or even a certain “battle myth” against the HIV. The commitment of the homosexual individuals in this battle against the AIDS epidemic is remarkable, which is motivated by the impact suffered by this particular group. In many of the reports was identified a feeling of solidarity and honor to friends living with the disease, or who have died of it. Key words: AIDS, homosexuality, volunteer, vaccine and solidarity. SUMÁRIO 4 Lista de Tabelas Lista de Anexos
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Keywords:vacinas contra aids homossexualidade masculina comportamento sexual rio de janeiro rj


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