Da igualdade de direitos ao direito à diferença: interfaces no cotidiano de uma escola plural

by de Almeida, Carmen Lúcia

Abstract (Summary)
The changes and educational innovations proposed by the Plural School pedagogic politic program, which was implanted at Belo Horizonte municipal district, since 1994, it has theincorporation of the main concerns, as way of the face the scholar failure and unsuccessfulness, and to establish a public school of fundamental teaching, democratic and inclusive. This work had as main aim, to understand and to analyze what the teachers know and what they think concerning a scholar knowledge that considers the dimension of thecultural diversity, it having the elaboration and development of the curriculum as the indicator axis, through the concepts of quotidian of teaching culture, and of school culture.As starting-point, for my investigation, I came to the choice of a school, which is a favorable to the proposed changes by the Plural School, in which I could undertake a case study, ithaving as aims, to interpret the teachers` perceptions of the process to construct a democratic curriculum to the school. In the investigation, of qualitative nature, the questionnaire, the semi-structured interview, the analysis of the documents, and the participant observation were used in the scholar quotidian. The results of the research revealed that the teachers commonly identify and explain the individual differences as different learning rhythms, in some cases, as cultural deficit, also having the concern with the ethnic-cultural differences. Therein, it was possible to verify that the teachers are based on diffused theories in the decades, of the 70s, the theory of the cultural handicap, in the decade of the 80s, the socialconstructivism, and in the decade of the 90s, they are influenced by the issues related to the multi-culturally. In general context, the teachers face the challenges of the construction of a space of teaching formation in the school, faced to the learning, and the experience of the social and cultural diversity, through the process of discussion of the curriculum cultural selection.
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Bibliographical Information:

Advisor:Antonio Flavio Barbosa Moreira; Mara Rubia Alves Marques; Graça Aparecida Cicillini

School:Universidade Federal de Uberlândia

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:Cultural diversity Curriculum Plural school


Date of Publication:07/04/2005

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