FÓRUNS DE EDUCAÇÃO AMBIENTAL NO BRASIL: algumas articulações no horizonte da Educação Ambiental.

by de Souza, Igor Velho

Abstract (Summary)
The organized production in this Dissertation is a reflex of intense and happy existence in the Program Dust-Graduation in Environmental Education of the Federal Foundation University of Rio Grande - PPGEA/FURG. We had as research line the "Foundaments of the Environmental Education", subject that it is reflected in the immersion theoretical/philosophical undertaken for the elaboration of the present study. They were several learnings that we meant with this experience, like the enlargement of our understanding in the continuous constitution of theEnvironmental Education in Brazil and in the World. Among the learnings, it is important to evidence that the process of the research took us to rethink of our inserts and performances in the context of the socialenvironmental relationships. We thinkthat the reflections here done, can also provide, in a decentralized way, contributions for the enlargement of the visibility and understanding in some of the Events that weunderstood to constitute a Know and Make Horizon, in which the Environmental Education emerges. The exercise interpretative/understanding undertaken for that research emerges of a scientific posture that is influenced by philosophical Hermenêutica, mainly reference in the German philosopher Hans-George Gadamer (1900-2002). To a larger research immersion was chosen a restricted number of Events, evidencing the Environmental Education Forums in Brazil. We established for the accomplishment of that study, a dialogue with subjects that participated in the construction of those Forums, and with these provocations and orientations we produce this Dissertation, that in a general, it desires the contribution for the invigoration of the Environmental Education. In a more specific way, we tried to rescue the history of the Forums of Environmental Education, enlarging the visibility of her path, in which we noticed important articulations with the constitution of the Environmental Education in the Brazilian territory, the organized registrations of them, which were not existent, and published for the free access to who interests.
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Bibliographical Information:

Advisor:Maria do Carmo Galiazzi; José Vicente de Freitas; Mauro Grun

School:Fundação Universidade Federal do Rio Grande

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:Environmental education events in environmental forum constitution of the philosophical hermeneutics


Date of Publication:03/23/2007

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