Critical Success Factors of Implementing e-Purcurement in Chemical Industries

by Wu, Mei-Chi

Abstract (Summary)
Abstract Facing the increasing competitive global market, many businesses are looking for ways to utilize their resources efficiently so as to survive and make profits. To this end, e-Business has promised to provide a solution. Among the various aspects e-Business has addressed, e-Procurement has been shown to be a critical part since it has the potential of cutting cost, enabling the entire operation to become profitable. This thesis focuses on key factors to implement e-Procurement in both IT industries and Chemical industries. We analyze the two industries from five perspectives: strategy, organization, technology, environment, and performance. The successful experiences of IT industries in Taiwan give some useful directions to Chemical industries that just seek to implement e-Procurement. This research on Chemical industries has found the following five critical success factors : (1) Support from top management¡GTop management must fully support this project in human resource and financial aspects. In addition, authorization is also required to enable employees to be responsible for their decisions. (2) Setting up a team¡GAsk related departments to join this project team and assign a team leader for decision-making, plan-execution and intra-company communication. (3) Coordination of operation process¡GDraw a scale of the project, collect current operation process, consider the new process from the whole company viewpoint. And then, carry out the new process step by step. (4) Supply chain integration¡G e-Procurement is to integrate suppliers and customers, and to create a deep collaboration relationship among these strategic partners. A fully communication in advance among them is the key to get the ¡§win-win¡¨ situation. (5) Industrial environment: E-Procurement system is highly related to the level of computerization and the frequency of transactions among businesses. The level of computerization in businesses of different industries may be very different, and makes the effects of implementing E-Procurement system different.
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Advisor:San-Yih Hwang; Feng-Yang Kuo; LIN FEN-HUI

School:National Sun Yat-Sen University

School Location:China - Taiwan

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:chemical industries e procurement


Date of Publication:07/08/2003

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