by Rodrigues, Marcos Alaniz

Abstract (Summary)
The absence of hard structures capable of register age on crustacean, requires the use of methods such as modal progression analysis (MPA) to estimate growth. In this paper, growth and mortality of juveniles and adults of the blue crab Callinectes sapidus were studied through field and laboratory surveys, in attempt to develop an adequate method to obtain softcrabs on the Patos Lagoon estuary. Gompertz and von Bertalanffy curves were used to estimate growth parameters of blue crabs collected on the Patos Lagoon estuary. Crabs obtained from field sampling were kept under laboratory conditions (temperature = 25±2°C, and salinity = 20±5), on a water recirculating system and measured before and after molting. Individuals used for growth and mortality analysis were collected between 2002 and 2003 in predetermined sampling sites by using otter-trawl and renfro nets. Measures consisted of carapace length, taken from the last antherolateral spines (CL in millimeters) and wet weight (W in grams). Maximum carapace lengths used as asymptotic length were taken from long term catch series of larger individuals and used to validate the growth curves (157.78 mm for females and 162.71 mm for males). Growth estimates based on Gompertz model for smaller individuals reared in laboratory, were as follows: k=0.0238; co=4.15; longevity= 2530 days for males and k=0.00375; co=4.69; longevity= 1638 days for females. Growth estimates based on von Bertalanffy growth curve were k=0.0016/day; to=-0.7; longevity= 3117 days for males and k=0.0018/day; to=-12.6; longevity= 2795 days for females. Growth parameters and longevity estimates for the field collected animals were k=0.04502/day; to=-4.23; 1267 days for males and k=0.04271/day; to=-3.71; 1260 days for females. No significant correlation was obtained among laboratory and field animals, suggesting a different growth rate. The Patos Lagoon estuary shows good potential for the establishment of a softcrab facility, as an alternative income for the artisanal fisheries.
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Advisor:Carlos Emílio Bemvenuti; Fernando D'Incao; Paulo Ricardo Pezzuto; Duane Barros da Fonseca

School:Fundação Universidade Federal do Rio Grande

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:Portunidae callinectes growth Patos Lagoon estuary softcrab blue crab


Date of Publication:04/07/2006

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