Corporate Social Responsibility : vilken är dess inverkan på kapitalmarknaden?

by Bylund, Jessica; Haggren, Charlotte

Abstract (Summary)
Title: Corporate Social Responsibility – how does it affect the capital market?Background: Demands have been raised in recent years for companies to take on larger ethical and environmental responsibilities for their business activities. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is the collective term for this accountability.Purpose: The purpose of this essay is to establish whether companies’ efforts with corporate social responsibility have a visible effect on their market values, or whether it simply is a misuse of company resources and a creation of information that their shareholders ignore.Theoretical Perspective: The authors give an account of the research within the subject of CSR and introduce the two theories that are used; the effective market hypothesis and the agent-principal relationship. In addition the authors shed some light on the concepts of ethic, moral and trust so that the reader can gain a deeper understanding of the concepts that permeates CSR.Method: To be able to answer the essay’s purpose the authors choose to carry out a triangulation of methods consisting of a questionnaire sent out to fund managers, an event study on negative publicity regarding companies’ dealings in ethical and environmental issues, and finally five interviews with environmental- and ethical analysts.Results: The results from the event study indicate that stock prices in general term do not react to information connected to CSR. In specific events, that weere closely connected to the companies’ core business activities, the authors could distinguish limited effects on the companies’ market values.Empirical: The majority of the interview respondents saw an increased trend in active ownership in Sweden but the trend is far more apparent in the US. The active ownership has lead to fund managers and trustees moving from excluding companies towards influencing them towards improvements within CSR-issues and corporate governance. Furthermore the greater part of the interview respondents saw increased pressure from the general public upon the companies to take a greater social and environmental responsibility, however CSR-issues still have very little significance for the mainstream investor.Conclusions: The authors conclude that in general events which are connected to CSR do not have a visible effect on companies’ market values. However, there are limited effects on companies’ market values in specific events, that are closely connected to the companies’ core business activities. Furthermore, there is only a minor interest for CSR amongst the owners. Finally, the spread of active ownership means that possible effects on stock prices disappear at an early stage.
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School:Södertörns högskola

School Location:Sweden

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Date of Publication:01/25/2007

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