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The Coptic Orthodox Church : Challenges and Opportunities following the Arab Spring

by Field, Catherine Clare

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I would like to express my gratitude to the people who have given me encouragement and opened
doors onto the many areas of this fascinating subject, especially religious sociology, the secular
state and the role of grassroots initiatives in civil society.

At the Institut de Science et de Théologie des Religions at the Institut Catholique de Paris, I would
particularly like to thank Father Henri de La Hougue, Marc Botzung, Christine Kontler, Ysé
Tardan-Masquelier and Eric Vinson.

In Rome, I would like to acknowledge the boundless support and encouragement of Father
Bernardo Cervellera and Samir Khalil Samir s.j.

In Paris, I owe thanks to Serge Schmemann of the New York Times for showing me the importance
journalism plays in explaining the key role of religion in lives today.

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