Contraries in Blake's poetry

by Au-Yeung, Kwan

Abstract (Summary)
(Uncorrected OCR) A._tract of thesis entitled "~trari. in!Jeke'. POJ'b7" nlJldtted 1Q' At1-tEmIl ?? LA.(LK.) tor the ctesree ~

M ? Phil. at the Unlversit)r of Hong B'ong in AF:l.1.. 1976.

Blake's cODCept of COI1~8fJ 111 uual~ iuterprttt ? on the level of 1de ? 'l'h.ia atud.7 8tteapta to show that the contraries imply a riew on language. Blake no. lite

ae the interaction of the contraries. that !sf two related

but opposing fields, and l.anguage, if it 18 true to the purpose cd expression, .ust attempt to express this dd ??Bowyer, thia riaioDot lU. ia of ? cUstwte4 __ ?? of 18Q1.Mlce that tuU ~. antree'l ? which '8lPke oa:ua


".sati_-. Blake'. a1~'t:I. ??to thia tnMt fd 1aaguage

is a language which is "YUiOllarY and 'Imag1nat1 ve". l'td.a a1 tenaat:l.ft language 18. in IIoclern teras, the language of ,. symboli ? aIl4 the l~ of tt ? ga'U.on" :I. ? to borrow a

tera GuiDed by " ?? rn .ritle. t ? u.teno-18apageft of dlae ???

To I"ep1'esent or ?? rNJ.lty _ the ll!lDp.p of .,-.1>01188 oonati tat ? the a1uloato1" tbe poet.

make? art oritloi_ ia baa.don this riew on

laquage. Blake 01"1 tied .??JoahUB Reynolds who lDaiatta

that an ahou14. pl"eocCllp1 it_lt v1 th tbe tiepiots.. of tlle aatllre11stio' ?? t fdl"4t8lit)'vhich to Blake is ? d.18tertioa., tor the: "ria1:61l or reality that theocmtrarie. posit

1.8 a tQIlbolic cme. Wor4eworth? peetiC8 illJtliea the ??11_

~ the :t.asinatt_ aM t"- _turallad.e real1t7 ? Ti ? wbich to Blake 1. fallle ead .tat_Uti. Blak.'. "fN"lo'U n.eva.; on a1legoQt harmo1l7 and artistic W11t7 N ? a]. US 1 ??ot the proper lorm or langu8p in _' rea11t.J'_

'l'Ile .tu4y tbMl proceecta to examine how Bl.ake t. different modes of writing substantiate hie 14 ??alHNt 11lDgU1ip. Blake vri tes in IUIJ:Q" lIocte ? tbe most proa1nent among thell being the ],yd.c and the epic.

i'bBe two ???are ,..t1cular fOrBII 01 81111\)0110 l.aapap B1ake ??to pertrlQ' hi. uni ? rial_ ot reali.t7.

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School:The University of Hong Kong

School Location:China - Hong Kong SAR

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:blake william 1757 1827 criticism and interpretation


Date of Publication:01/01/1977

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