Conservation of nucleotides sequences of bm86 gene and peptides sequences 4822 e 4823, constituents of synthetic vaccine SBm7462

by Peconick, Ana Paula

Abstract (Summary)
Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplus is one of the most important parasites of cattle in Central and South America and Australia from an economical point of view. Vaccines derived from Bm86 glycoprotein have a great potential of non-chemical control of ticks. The SBm7462 is a synthetic vaccine derived from Bm86 and has three immunogenic epitopes: 4822 (a.a. 398-411), 4824 (a.a. 123-145) and 4823 (a.a. 21-35). The knowledge about the conservation of the bm86 gene is very important to evaluate efficiency of SBm7462. Twenty six R. (B.) microplus strains from Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay and various regions from Brazil were analyzed for the bm86. Two fragments of cDNA were amplified, fragment A (among the nucleotides 39 ? 438) and fragment C (among the nucleotides 839 - 1600). They were cloned into the pGEM-T® vector and four clones were sequenced for each population. The nucleotides and deduced amino acid sequences were compared with the bm86 and bm95 genes. The analysis was made through alignment of multiple sequences by the program BioEdit version and the polymorphisms verification for visual inspection. The results demonstrated the genetic conservations of the peptides 4823 and 4822 for analyzed samples. Inside of the gene bm86, the amino acids variability was of 5,49% and 3,89% compared with Bm86 and Bm95, respectively.
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Advisor:Simone Eliza Facioni Guimarães; Sérgio Oliveira de Paula; Ricardo Wagner Dias Portela; Bráulia Costa Caetano; Joaquín Hernán Patarroyo Salcedo

School:Universidade Federal de Viçosa

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:Synthetic vaccine SBm7462 Peptide sequences


Date of Publication:11/30/2006

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