Computer simulation of ring rolling and FEM analysis of rolling processes

by Duggirala, Ravikiran

Abstract (Summary)
This study essentially consists of two parts; the devel- opment of a computer proqram for the simulation of the ring rolling process and a finite element analysis of plane strain rollinq as an initial step toward the application of the FEM technique for the dynamic simulation of the ring rolling process. The program 'RING' is an interactive, user-friendly soft- ware, which has been written in FORTRAN-77 and is capable of running on all systems supporting FORTRAN-77. The pro- gram simulates three cases of ring rolling processes namely: 1. production of plain rings in radial pass alone. 2. production of plain rings in both radial and axial passes. 3. production of profiled rings in radial pass alone. Given the dimensions of the ring required to be rolled, the m/c capacities, the other related parameters such as temperatures, specific heat, densities, etc. the program de- termines the dimensions of the initial blank, tolerances, weights and simulates the entire rolling process revolution by revolution and outputs parameters such as forces, mo- ments, expansion rates, reduction rates, temperatures, ener- gy losses etc. The reduction process is controlled by vari- ous rolling criteria and the program controls the simulation based on criterion selected and m/c capacities. The simula- tion is entirely controlled by the user. The simulation proceeds until the final ring dimensions required are reached and the program provides output in the datafiles or on the terminal. Output files are created for graphical representation of the process parameters at any stage of the operation. The next part involved the modification of the finite el- ement package for the simulation of plane strain roll- ing(cylindrical roller). Four case studies were conducted, considering both the strain and strain rate hardening ma- terials and for the steady and unsteady modes of solution. The inferences and results have been discussed and compared with other work done in the same area. The possible ap- proach toward the simulation of ring rolling using the fi- nite element method has also been discussed.
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School:Ohio University

School Location:USA - Ohio

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:ring rolling fem analysis fortran 77


Date of Publication:01/01/1985

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