Compression Strength Perpendicular to Grain in   Cross-laminated Timber (CLT)

by Hasuni, Hesen Kathum; Al-douri, Khamis Adib; Hamodi, Mohammed Hussein

Abstract (Summary)


The compressive strength perpendicular to grain of cross laminated timber (CLT) was studied experimentally. The problem was also theoretically analyzed and a finite element model was created and solved using a commercial finite element software package. The experiments were carried out with three layer CLT specimens of dimensions 200x200x120 mm and 300x300x120 mm. In some of the experiments a contact free deformation measurement system was used to analyze the strain field during loading. Different ways to apply the load were used: over the whole surface of the specimens and by a 50 mm wide steel bar. The position of the steel bar in relation to the specimen edge and its orientation relative the surface grain direction was varied. It was found that the compression strength of the cross laminated timber depended on the way in which the load was applied. The compression strength perpendicular to grain was found vary from 2.9 N/mm2 for specimens loaded by a line load at the edge of the specimen and parallel to the surface grain direction to 5.8 N/mm2 for specimens loaded by a line load at the specimen centre and perpendicular to the surface fiber direction.


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School:Växjö universitet

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:cross laminated timber clt compression strength perpendicular to grain massivträ tryckhållfasthet


Date of Publication:01/01/2009

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