Completeness of the care: conceptions and practices ofprofessors of Graduation in Nursing

by Santana, Fabiana Ribeiro

Abstract (Summary)
The completeness has guided change processes, in the formation of the nurse. So, itis important to know the initiatives in courses of Graduation in Nursing, with the focusin this principle. It is about a descriptive-exploratory study, that aims to analyze theconceptions of completeness that are present in the speeches of the professors, andthe strategies used for the apprehension of completeness for the pupils. Professorsfrom three Institutions of Higher Education (HE) existing in the State of Goiás thathad integrated at least a resume, in the year of 2005 participated of this study.Thecollection of data was carried out in the respective institutions, between April andSeptember of 2006, after previous appointment. Eleven professors of the femininegender composed the study. They were at between 40 and 55 years old, withteaching experience that varies from 15 to 32 years and the majority has After-Graduation Stricto-Sensu course. The interviews and the plans of teching of therepresentative professors of the áreas of Sciences of the Nursing (Beddings ofNursing, Assistance of Nursing, Administration of Nursing and Education of Nursing)has been analyzed according to Bardin (2003). By means of the analysis, threeconceptions of completeness had emerged: Completeness of the Care: of thesingular to the global one; Completeness of the Care: the ways for the SUS andCompleteness of the Care: strategies for the learning. The directions of thecompleteness of the care had revealed innovative, to the measure that value thesingular, global and the ways for the SUS. They reveal the directions, giving the careto the human being in its social reality, with its specificities and subjectivities,considering the social nets of care and where they are inserted. They have tried todevelop learn to learn and make, and learn to be and to live together as strategies forthe learning, creating possibilities for the students to apprehend all the directionsmanifested by the professors. We waint that the results, of this research, cancontribute for the reflection of the professors of the HE on the direction of thecompleteness of the care, in the area of education, as well as, to reorient theformation process, giving potency to the human resources and to the strategies thathave already been used in the direction of the continuous construction ofcompleteness of the care, in the health area.
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Advisor:Adélia Yaeko Kyosen Nakatani

School:Universidade Federal de Goiás

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:education nursing, completeness, nursing care, comprehensive health faculty practice


Date of Publication:02/28/2007

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