Comparison of DNA marker order and floral trait evolution among diploid and tetraploid genomes of Gossypium [electronic resource] /

by Desai, Aparna

Abstract (Summary)
Scientific information on the A genome species of Gossypium is limited due to their decline as crop species and low levels of marker polymorphism. As the A subgenome of the allotetraploid species of Gossypium is contributed by A genome progenitors, studies on the A genome will help us understand the evolution of polyploids. We compared DNA marker order along the chromosomes of A, D and At genomes of Gossypium by constructing a comprehensive A genome RFLP linkage map from an interspecific F2 population of G. arboreum x G. herbaceum. Chromosomal structural rearrangements are more pronounced among A and At than A and D genomes, perhaps owing to the higher level of repetitive DNA in A and At genomes. We also compared QTL governing the floral morphological variation among diploid and tetraploid interspecific F2 populations. Our study indicated possible silencing and subfuntionalization of homeologous QTL in the tetraploid genome.
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School:The University of Georgia

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