by Vaniel, Berenice Vahl

Abstract (Summary)
This dissertation focuses on a research study that investigated how cooperation, as a principle of Environmental Education, is being operated in ESCUNA Project, in the areas of coordination and the school. As the text shows, ESCUNA Project has for its principle the work with the methodology of learning projects, which is based on Genetic Epistemology by Jean Piaget. In order to substantiate this experience, wemade a study of the Piaget?s theory and seek the interlacement with Humberto Maturana?s one, having cooperation as a link. We have dialogued, too, with authorswho experience and talk about the methodology of learning projects. Throughout this work, is emphasized a essential concept for the development of research in focus, i.e. the fact of cooperation is elapsed by the understanding that we live in this world and share it with other living and ?non-living? beings, building, every moment, possibilities of solidary coexistence. We searched to understand and explicit thecollective of Escuna, through the look of an observer, first on the planning and joint actions of the coordination of the project and, later, we direct our look for one of the schools, in order to observe its actions in the constitution of a collective. We use the analysis of content in two movements: to know the dynamic of cooperation in the actions of the coordination of the Project, we chose to perform the documentary analysis, and, in order to understand the movement of action school, were held open interviews with teachers. From the proposal of unitization and categorization of the interviews, the categories "Dynamic of Cooperative Management" and "Methodological Dynamics" had emerged. Analyses indicate that co-operation enables the coexistence in a just and fraternal society, always that mutual respectand acceptance of differences are disclosed in the actions of the citizens.
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Advisor:Débora Pereira Laurino; Sheyla Costa Rodrigues; Léa da Cruz Fagundes; Cleci Maraschin

School:Fundação Universidade Federal do Rio Grande

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:environmental education cooperation learning projects


Date of Publication:03/31/2008

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