Community building as a role for the Nova Scotia Community College

by Archibald, James C.

Abstract (Summary)
The author, a member of the faculty at the Nova Scotia Community College -Truro Campus, contends that many rural and small town communities in Nova Scotia require, more than ever, all possible resources available to aid them in their struggle to regain lost prosperity and to build a stronger community. The premise of this thesis is that the Nova Scotia Community College is largely an underutilized resource for rural and small town cornunities in Nova Scotia due to the narrow focus of its current corporate mission. The current vision and operating practice of the NSCC prevents the college from being a real force in the development of local communities and the betterment of community life in Nova Scotia. This thesis explores the need of rural communities in Nova Scotia in relation to the current role of the NSCC relative to such communities. The thesis describes and critiques the current 'education for vocation' mission of the NSCC and offers other schools of thought relative to the 'true purpose' of community colleges as distinct institutions of post-secondary education in Canada. The thesis explores current thinking on the public expectations of Canadian community colleges and what it means to be a community college. The thesis attempts to build a case for expanding the mission of the Nova Scotia Community College to include proactive community building and problem solving as part of an overall educational mission. Finally, the thesis develops a hypothetical outreach initiative in the form of a new Department of Community Outreach as an example of how community building, as a concept, could work to the advantage of both the college and the local community.
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Date of Publication:01/01/1998

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