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Community Capacity and Governance – New Approaches to Development and Evaluation

by Banyai, Cindy Lyn, PhD

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Position in

Organizations Unit leader for Couples for

Barangay Court – used for
dispute settlement in barangay


2.1.1. Calventas Attributes Responses

Community Capacity
Attribute Questions

Table - Calventas Attributes Responses


Can you identify a shared goal
or vision of ____?

Developing town as a tourist destination

Peaceful – keep out nightlife and crime

Still progressing

Farming and fishing community

Would you say that you are in
a similar situation as the other
members of ____?

What are some things that
people in ___ have in

Difficult because of respected position, people often come
to me for advice/support

Peace loving people, industrious, cooperative – always
willing to help


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Would you say that it is easy to
trust people in ___? Are there
any people or groups of people
that you are cautious of?

How often do you gather with
other people from ___ (i.e.
celebrate special occasions,
have food or drinks) either in
your home, the home of others,
or in public?

How would you identify
yourself (ethnicity, religion,
locality, etc..)? Do you feel
that many people in ___
identify themselves similarly?


No – haven’t yet met a person in PGD who wants to hurt
another, crimes are from the outside, some minor incidents
due to quarrel

Meetings, fiesta, regular passing of time, before wife died
only 1 time a week, but now 3 times a week, for enjoyment

Approachable, principled, can count on me (people talk to
me and expect me to take action because they are too timid
to do so themselves, also they don’t trust politicians or
think they will take action), social responsibility, important
to have friends and help others, mostly identify with PGD
and Pasaleng

Other people are similar, but I have a desire to stay
different from others

I prefer to stay where the community is and where people
are similar to me. Don’t want to leave comfort zone – i.e.
had an offer for a better teaching position to oversee
activities of Ilocos, but chose to remain in Pasaleng

Do people in ___ take
responsibility for the things
that happen here?

Are people committed to ___?

Do people in ___ generally
pursue interests in ___ or do
they feel they need to go
outside of ___?

What kind of activities do you
participate in?

Yes, responsible – education teaches consequences of

Yes, most

Honest assessment – most people are going outside of
country, going abroad helps financially, but usually come
home and stay for good- retire back home, own property

Fiesta, foundation organization, meetings, conferences,
sportsfest – coordinate activities, church activities – prayer
meeting, attend church, barangay court – irregular, case by
case – first try to settle within Sitiuo, then bgy captain and
bgy council, then goes to bgy court, there has been only


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one case in the 10 years that I have served on the court

What are things that you would
like to see done in ____?
Ask the local government to promote tourism, but no
nightlife because then there will be moral degeneration and
we won’t be able to avoid women becoming prostitutes

Refrigeration units for the fishermen’s catch

Irrigation rules

In regards to your ideas, are
you or others taking steps
towards accomplishing those

What other kinds of actions are
being undertaken in ___?

Do you feel that progress is
being made in regards to the
desires of the community?

I expressed my opinion, but politicians think of themselves
as the most powerful, but really the citizens should be the
most powerful – however, in the Philippines, first

There are scheduled barangay meetings, but they should be
more often so that local people can express themselves


Yes, but slow – accept that can’t change over night

In the last 2 years, have you
noticed any changes in ___?
What were they?

Yes, telecom has improved – since 2001-2002 – used to
have to go to Laoag, mobile phones have helped
communication – there are no land lines

If someone speaks of change in
___, how likely are things to

Is ___a place where things get

What types of things can one
find in ___?

Want to see development, but not too much, (i.e. clubs

Maybe depends on the political will and who will become
the next mayor

Politics play a big role – to get things done, must be on the
good side of the politicians – even good ideas will be
ignored if on wrong side of the fence

Have most things in PGD- simple market, must go to
Laoag for appliances, only general stores in PGD, but the
goods in these stores comes from Laoag


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How do you get the things you
need in ____?

What kinds of assets are there
in ___?

Do you use resources from
within ___ or do you rely on
resources outside of ___?

I buy most things in Laoag because I go there often – for
Pancian and Pasaleng itseasier to go to Bangui than to PGD
town center – because the local busses there don’t go to
PGD town center directly, must hire tricycle transport

Natural resources – timber, still have virgin forests, sea,
diligent and cooperative people


2.1.2. Calventas Agents Responses


Table - Calventas Agents Responses

Criteria Please name as many as possible



Formal leaders in
government, businesses,
organizations, or movements

Informal leaders (e.g. people
of reverence, clout, or high
civic standing or activity)

Established groups (e.g.
social organizations,
commercial associations,
religious groups, age-related
groups, government
sponsored organizations)

Informal civil society
organizations (e.g. recreation
leagues, neighborhood


Mayor and Vice Mayor – in the
Philippines, politicians make things

PTCA – important for educational
development, extra fundraising and
local infrastructure and special


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Government agencies


Educational institutes

Interpersonal networks
(through families and

Political networks – sessions for
councilors and local assemblies


Organizational networks

Political networks

Business network

2.1.3. Calventas Actions Responses

Community Action Questions

Table - Calventas Actions Responses


Does the local government respond to
citizens appropriately?
Yes, sometimes, but the power to recommend people
for jobs should be reduced

If a project is announced in __, what
is the likelihood that it will be
complete? Useful for the local

Are the community members of ___
consulted by the local government in
order to make improvements to the

What kinds of local goods can be
found in local markets?

What kinds of locally made goods are
sold elsewhere?

Special biddings for projects for contractors –try to
avoid going overtime for costs, audit fund, projects
impeded by tensions between mayor and vice mayor

Barangay assembly is twice a year by law, but can
make more




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What kinds of services can be found
in __?

What kinds of things must be
purchased outside of ___?

How do you stay in contact with your
friends and family members?

How often do you use telephone?

Electricity is from Ilocos Norte, library in OGD,
internet, market, extension hospital in Pasaleng –
doctor comes 2 times a week from Bangui


Text, letter, mobile

No internet in Pasaleng, but mobile phone everyday

How easy is it to access telephone?

Where do you get your information
about __? About the rest of the

What other forms of communication
do you use in ___?

How confident of this information are

What local organizations are you
familiar with?

Mobile reliable – tower in Pasaleng

Books written about PGD, municipal annual – all
projects and businesses – go to municipal hall and
ask people, website about PGD, watch tv,

Cell phones, newspapers, magazines

Confident of tv – access to satellite tv – CNN and
Fox, but not so confident of local tv


What local organizations are you
involved with?

Are there any restrictions to the places
or ways that people can gather
together in ___?

In Pasaleng can gather any time and no one will
bother you, but it may be different in PGD


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Are there any groups in __ that are
concerned with particular issues?

Do they provide information to the
public that is relevant to their cause?

Is there an example of a local
organization successfully
accomplishing a change within ___?

Does the local government work
together with local organizations?
Have had before – cooperatives success because of
management, in Pancian there is a consumers coop
and another for land


2.1.4. Calventas Contextual Influences Responses

Contextual Influence Questions

Table - Calventas Contextual Influences Responses


How easy is it for you to get around
__? Out of ___?
Easy along highway – highway bus is every 15-30
minutes, but not at night, to Manila only in the

but it’s difficult with interior barangays, they must
use tricycle or personal transportation

What methods of public
transportation are there in ___?

How often do you use public

How easy is it to access the places for
production in __?

Tricycle, bus

Every now and then if I have to go to the mountains,
but those going to the market must use it daily

Rice – most sellers come here, don’t have to take
products to the market, all transactions are through
middle men

Furniture is made by order

How easy is it for you to get your
products to markets outside of __?

Are there any physical aspects of __

Some to Bangui/Laoag – easy because of bus
transportation and the middle men

Inter-barangay roads are difficult/rough – but the


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that make transportation of people or
goods difficult?

How often are there natural disasters
in __? What kinds?

Are the roads/railways in __ in good
condition most of the time?

Has there been any change in land use
(i.e. conversion of farmland to
commercial land, changes of
ownership of land) recently?

Is there a lot of crime in ___? What

How safe do you feel generally in

Have you noticed people moving in or
out of ___? For what reasons?

How comfortable do you feel with
your neighbors? Other people in ___?
Are there any people with whom you
have difficulty or feel uncomfortable

In relation to other community
members of __, do you feel that you
are better off, worse off, or the same?

How easy is it for you to get what you
need in ___?

Are there any groups of people in __
that you feel have an advantage over

What are the various kinds of
ethnicities or religion that can be
LGU is trying to cement them

Typhoon – 1 tornado in 50 years, flood/drought –
rare, other minor ocean disturbances

Mostly, sometimes there are landslides in December

There is a problem with more people reclaiming
fields for residential or commercial development.


Yes, safe, especially in Pasaleng

Yes, especially in Pancian. There are people moving
in and the population is increasing. There is still
land available in Balaoi.

Very comfortable, especially in my neighborhood
because co-relatives share land, but there are
personal differences.

There are some people with whom I have difficulty
with, but in general things are ok. There are minor
difficulties with the government and with people
who have difference beliefs.



Mostly Catholic – no religious quarrel



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found in ___? Are there any notable
issues between these groups?

In the past, has there been any
difficulty between groups of people in

Have there been any grievances over
land in __?

Can you name some families in __
that have power (economic, political,

Are there any other places in which
__ has had issues with in the past?

Are there any places in __ that have
historical or cultural value?

Are there any special events in ___?

Are there any ideas or concepts that
people in ___ find to be unanimously

What kinds of significant historical
events have happened in ___?

Can you name some important local
traditions and values?

Are there groups or activities that you
are not allowed to partake in? Why?

Land disputes, all settled in court, no one is dying

Sales, Benemerito (former mayor)

Politics – Former Mayor Benemerito was killed by
Teteng Sales (former mayor) and the politics of it are
still in play, but don’t really know what the
difference is.

Kanyao, Pateng – ethnic groups

Fiesta, Foundation Day

Peaceful lives


Filipinos are clanists

None – but activities are chosen

Are there certain people in __ that you
need to know or get along with in
order to be successful?

Are there any groups in __ that are
noticeably less well-off than others?

Do you feel that people in __ have


Not noticeable – some affluent families, but most
people have one income

There is no one group that is above others.


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about the same amount of income or
are there some people that have
noticeably more? Who?

Do you feel that __ is becoming more
or less prosperous?

Does there seem to be a lot of poverty
in __?

Are there any industries in ___ that
are struggling? Why?

Of the organizations that you are
familiar with, do they have good

Do those organizations have a
relatively stable membership?

What kinds of things has your
organization achieved recently?

What kinds of issues does your
organization deal with?

Do you feel that the local
administration is largely stable?

Do you feel that the local
administration is largely accountable?

Do you feel that the government
leaders in __ are capable or able to
help the people in __?

If a request is made to the local
administration, what is the likelihood
that something will be done?


Still there are some people in poverty, or want to be
considered in poverty. Some people just don’t want
to work.

Fishers and farmers are struggling because they have
no advanced technology. The LGU is trying to help
with that.

The organizations follow standards. There is
structure, but how they are managed differs.

Organizations must have a stable membership.


My organization does not have any main issues, but
we discuss God and the relationships between

No, I do not feel that the local administration is stable. It
was before and I hope that things will settle down.

Yes, the local administration is accountable, they follow
rules, but they don’t agree on procedures.

Yes, the government leaders are capable, but they have
to settle the differences between them.

If you make a request it is likely that something will get
done if you have the financial capabilities and the right


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