Commercial Real Estate : Different aspects of rent setting

by Eliasson, Karin; Ahlberg, Kristin; Dyvnäs, Malin

Abstract (Summary)
BackgroundThe Swedish economy is currently in a boom and due to the fact that the commercial rental market is closely correlated with the development in the Swedish economy and its economic indicators, commercial real estate companies are successful. Commercial real estate companies generate their main revenue out of rents from their tenants, therefore the set-ting of rent and the factors affecting the procedure are of great importance. The report will not only examine the commercial rental market but also the composition of the lease con-tracts, factors affecting the rent setting and risks associated with commercial leases.PurposeTo analyze the commercial rental market comprising of several different lease contracts. The focus will be to analyze the setting of rents and the factors affecting the procedure.MethodA deductive approach and a qualitative research method is used in order to get reliable and valid data to be able to fulfill our purpose. The data is collected from interviews done with three different real estate companies, situated in Stockholm and Gothenburg. The sample include Håkan Hellström representing Castellum, Lovisa Lindberg representing Landic Property and Roddy Carlsson representing Vasakronan.ConclusionAs could be expected, the commercial rental market is closely correlated with supply and demand in the Swedish economy. Currently, demand is increasing due to a growing employment rate and a strong GDP growth. Market rents are increasing, since the demand is continuing to accelerate and vacancy rates are falling. The vacancy rates are currently below the natural level since rents are increasing in both Stockholm and Gothenburg. It is shown that the vacancy level is lower in Gothenburg compared to Stockholm.Location is the most important factor affecting the setting of rents apart from supply and demand. Rent for office space is highest in the cities’ Central Business District. Additional factors are attributes that make the premises more attractive and client care that enables for satisfied tenants and long lasting tenant relationships.
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School:Högskolan i Jönköping

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:commercial real estate rental market rent setting


Date of Publication:02/01/2008

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