Combined Digital/Wireless Link over the Multi-Mode Fiber with VCSEL using CMOS based Feedforward Equalizer

by Maeng, Moonkyun

Abstract (Summary)
In this dissertation, the combined optical link, where the baseband digital signal and wireless signal are transmitted simultaneously over a multi-mode fiber (MMF) using an VCSEL and received through a photoreceiver and a feed forward equalizer (FFE). For this hybrid optical link, a new type of combiner is developed using the multi-layer organic (MLO) process. For the overall link simulation, a rate-equation-based VCSEL model is developed with circuit components. This model describes the high-speed modulation characteristic as well as the thermal effect on the L-I (light vs. bias current) characteristic. Additionally, The FFE is developed to further extend a MMF distance by compensating differential modal delay (DMD) in MMF. Two different implementation approaches are taken for the FFE by passive LC ladder based delay line and active inductance peaking delay line structure. To overcome the voltage headroom limitation of the conventional Gilbert cell architecture, modified Gilbert cell is presented and implemented as a multiplier cell for both FFEs. The FFEs are fully integrated on a single chip and fabricated by a standard 0.18 ?m CMOS process. The developed FFE successfully rebuild the distorted signal form the MMF at 10 Gbps data rate.
Bibliographical Information:

Advisor:Paul Kohl; G. Tong Zhou; Joy Laskar; Emmanouil M. Tentzeris; John Papapolymerou

School:Georgia Institute of Technology

School Location:USA - Georgia

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:electrical and computer engineering


Date of Publication:04/21/2005

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